Student Council:

All of our students are encouraged to join in with the development of our school community. Year Groups, as they are introduced to the school, are represented on the Student Council through Class Prefects. A Head Girl and a Head Boy are also elected. The aim of the Student Council is to promote the interests of the school and the involvement of the students in the affairs of the school in cooperation with the Board of Management, parents and teachers. This partnership works for the benefit of the school and its students. The Student Council works with a liaison teacher and meets once a week.

Student Council 2023-2024
Le Chéile Secondary School’s Student Council 2023-2024

Meitheal Group:

A 2nd year support group, who are a ‘Cara’ to 1st year students. Students apply in writing and are interviewed to take up this role. They are also provided with expert training to enable them to take on their role with confidence. The ‘Meitheal’ group are a key peer contact for 1st year students, are involved in the 1st year induction day and meet with 1st year students regularly throughout the year.