The first Parents Association of Le Chéile Secondary School, Ballincollig was elected and will remain in office for the following academic year 2024/2025. Fruitful discussions and plans followed the appointments and we are really looking forward to working with you all over the coming year!

The  Parents Association officers for 2024/2025 are:

  • Marian and Yvonne Fitton (Chairpersons)
  • Frank Houttave (Secretary)
  • Tara McSweeney (Treasurer)
Le Chéile Parents Association 24-25
L-R: Secretary (Frank Houttave), Chairpersons (Yvonne and Marian Fitton) and Treasurer (Tara McSweeney) pictured with fellow Parents Association member Rose Dempsey

What is a parents association?

A Parents Association is a group of parents selected by all parents in the school to represent their views. Parents Associations have an important role to play in school improvement by ensuring that the parental perspective is represented and taken into account.

What is the role of parents associations?

The Parents Associations help to create an environment where all parents know that their views matter, and where they feel confident and comfortable putting them forward. They work on behalf of all parents to discuss educational matters that are of importance to all. They do not get involved in individual matters relating to children or staff in the school.

Parents associatIons: