Who we are

Bringing out the best
in all students

Le Chéile Secondary School Ballincollig is a part of Le Chéile Schools Trust, composed of 15 Congregations and 74 schools: primary, voluntary secondary and community schools – OPEN TO ALL.

The values underpinning the educational philosophy of our schools lead to a wide curriculum, co-curriculum and extra-curricular provision ensuring that all students can flourish and reach their full potential.

We embrace particularly four principles of Catholic Education: Inclusion, care for the most vulnerable, promotion of the unique gifts of each student and the integration of faith and culture.

Our School is committed to the promotion of a value based education built on the shared
purpose of:


Our welcome recognises the unique dignity and worth of each person building on the Catholic tradition of being inclusive.


Our pursuit of wisdom and knowledge enables our students to achieve an academic excellence that supports them in understanding the world and seeking to improve it.


Le Chéile Schools witness to the Gospel values of Inclusivity, Truth, Forgiveness, Service, Concern, Spirituality, Teaching and Learning on a daily basis. We recognise that every person is made in the image and likeness of God.

Our values

The values at the heart of our School are:

Icon with a people representing inclusivity


Le Chéile Schools are places of welcome.
This welcome is expressed through
inclusive curricula, excellence in pedagogy, and strong anti-bullying policies.

Icon with an eye representing truth


Le Chéile Schools promote
good judgement and decision making
among our students.
In our schools research
skills are honed,
debate is encouraged, and experience is reflected on.

Icon with a heart representing forgiveness


At the heart of the message of Jesus is forgiveness
and the ability to start again
with those who hurt you.
We seek to be kind and forgiving to each other, knowing that this will make each of us more hopeful, optimistic, compassionate..

Icon with a hand and people representing service


Members of Le Chéile
School communities
one another.
Our leadership
is one of giving a hand up.
Love always trumps ego in
our schools.

Icon with hands representing care and concern


Care is at the heart of what
we do in Le Chéile Schools.
We are concerned for the
wellbeing of all members of our school community. Christian concern is
empowering and enabling.

Icon with hands representing spirituality


Le Chéile Schools are faith friendly spaces.
We encourage young people to explore the concepts of belief and unbelief, we trust them in their exploration. Students are exposed to a
variety of ways to pray and to reflect, including
- but not exclusively - Catholic practices.

Icon with people representing learning


In Le Chéile Schools we all
teach and we all learn.
We push the boundaries of excellence in
pedagogy, learning environment,
assessment and progression to 3rd level.


We look forward to meeting and working with you in the near future!