Mission statement

Le Chéile Secondary School Ballincollig is a Catholic school committed to promoting Christian values and affirming the personal worth and dignity of each student.

The school is inclusive of students from all cultures and backgrounds and celebrates diversity.

We aim to ensure that Le Chéile Secondary School is a place where students feel at ease and cared for enabling them to relate to one another and to staff in an open, respectful and trusting manner.

The school values the role of parents in the education of their children and seeks to work in partnership with them.
“The characteristic spirit of our school is based on the vision and values of the Le Chéile Charter. It is underpinned by a philosophy of education that has at its centre the unique dignity of the human person as a child of God.”

Our School Motto is Welcome • Wisdom • Witness

This motto is inspired by the heritage and gift of our founding congregations.

We hope to take the very best from our heritage and build a great school for the future.


together we are: